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Politics and Strata



Our Federal Elections may be over (thankfully) but strata elections continue around the Country all year different different times.

6 lessons that we in strata can learn from the election.

• You might think you know what the majority want but do we truly know until pen goes to paper and the votes get counted. Listen to the people.

• Don’t lose focus that the body corporate is made up of all owners, not just a few active owners.

• Everyone is equal and everyone has one vote (except under certain circumstances). 

• We all need to work together, we all want the same thing, whatever is in the best interest of all owners, we just have different ideas of which road needs to be followed to get there.

• A leader can make a difference. The chairperson of a body corporate doesn’t seem to have a lot of responsibility but they really do, they need to be the mediator, the calming influence and the voice of reason. Despite this they still need to be strong and able to control any situation.

• Not unlike Federal elections, trust may be questioned at committee election time.

Thankfully we are running a community, not a nation!

I’m Kellie Wright creator of Strata Influence and I help owners of apartments who think a body corporate manager is a necessary evil to see that the right manager can actually be a valuable asset to them.


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