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The How, When, What, and Why Of Building Communities In Strata Schemes



Following on from last week’s blog let’s look further at what influence we may have on how owners in a scheme develop their Community and very importantly, why we would even want to influence that.

Let’s first look at what is a community, it is a social unit of any size that shares common values.  In 1986 a study by McMillan and Chavis identified four elements to a “sense of community”
• Membership
• Influence
• Integration and fulfilment of needs
• Shared emotional connection
We have all those four elements covered in strata schemes.

Effective communication practices are very important to the development of communities and that’s where strata managers can bring value and a sense of community to the scheme. Encourage interaction between owners and residents to build their social networks and keep everyone informed. Utilise electronic tools for owners and occupants to communicate within the community and ensure you communicate with the community through these tools. Websites, on-line portals, purpose built software are just a few options already available.

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, you don’t necessarily have to take on the work yourself, find an owner who is passionate about building a community and let them champion the cause or offer it as an additional service, whichever way you do it, you have to believe in, and sell, the benefits.

Why will building a strong community benefit the scheme and you? For the scheme, the stronger the sense of community the more likely the majority are to work together towards common goals and the less disputes there will be. For you as the strata manager, the more value you bring to your schemes the more valuable you are to them, the better your relationship, the more trust they have in you, the easier your job is and the longer they stay with you. End result, everyone’s much happier and you retain your clients longer.

As soon as possible. When a scheme first registers is a great time to start but it’s never too late.

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